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The Brian Flatt 2-week diet review- How to prevent Weight Regain

The Brian Flatt 2-week diet review
Written by Wemimo
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The Brian Flatt 2-week diet reviewThe Brian Flatt 2-week diet review

The Brian Flatt 2-week diet review expalined why weight loss journey has never been fun. If someone has successfully reached his or her weight loss goal, that is just a step ahead –  a great one. Yet, to stay healthy, there has to be some planning. From a recent article in the New York Times. We got to know in details the disappointing weight regain that happened among many contestants of a famous show known as “The Biggest Loser.”

According to The Times, it was discovered that the people that contested for the show either end up regaining all the weight they have lost. Worse, other contestants regained more weight, than the one they lost for the show.
This discovery has triggered concern and curiosity among many other people. Especially those trying to go on their own weight loss journey. It has also prompted some questions like: Will I regain the weight I have lost? How can I prevent weight regain?
So, how can you prevent this from happening?
Most diet plans carry a high risk of regaining lost weight. This is because they have little scientific evidence backing their weight loss strategy. These kinds of diet have strategies that include low-protein diet combined with aerobic exercises. This negates the actual needed high-protein diet instead.
This explains few of the reasons why people gain weight or regain it 2-3 years later. Oftentimes, after sharing their incredible and beautiful weight loss story. Brian Flatt shed more light on other reasons.
This brings us to the Brain Flat  2-weeks Diet Review. This is a weight loss and exercise plan authored by Brian Flatt. He is a health and fitness expert, the owner of R.E.V fitness center. For many years now, he has taught several people how to successfully lose weight.
In his latest book, the 2 Weeks diet, he included several bonuses. There he provided detail step-by-step instruction on how to gain weight. Also, how to lose it and how to keep it off permanently.
Fortunately, you can prevent weight regain by keeping a healthy lifestyle. This includes good eating habit and regular physical activity. Avoiding weight regain reduces the risk of developing ailments (high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes etc).


According to Brian Flatt, most diets fail because they are highly restrictive, costly and inconvenient. Most people only prepare themselves psychologically for it. Yet makes it easier for them to be forced into making it through the period. Since they have believed diet is simply a temporary meal plan.The Brian Flatt 2-week diet review
So, this makes it easier for them to achieve their weight loss goal with the diet. Sometimes for an upcoming event such as high school reunion or family wedding. Once it is over, they find themselves crawling back to their old unhealthy eating habit. Thus, causing weight crawl back in.
Brian mentioned that a weight loss diet should not be a temporary food plan. But since most diets make it impossible to be on for years. It is understandable that people forget about it once they lose weight.
But, Brian Flatt’s 2 Weeks diet is strategically planned and scientifically backed-up. Thus, making it very easy to stick to, enough to include as a long-term lifestyle change. This is because it does not consist of inconvenient eating habit, costly and unrealistic.

Looking for a Reward?

Don’t do it with food. When it comes to rewarding, an effective one is timely, desirable and dependent on reaching your goal. This reward could be a music CD or a movie or make a payment towards buying a more expensive item.
It could also be an act of self-kindness such as having a quiet time away from family or an afternoon away from work. Do not reward yourself with food; it is not helpful if you really want to keep off that weight.

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