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  • i may be in a hormonal period that almost everything annoys me but
    seriously how can you read a motivation book with such a depressed voice
    ?????? °_° 7 min and can’t get any further

  • Great audio book with a calm voice that allows me to listen and learn while
    I sleep. Its almost hypnotic in how it puts me to sleep. I noticed an
    immediate change in my daily work. Thanks!

  • It’s not about the scheme or even if what they say is true or not, but
    about the fact that they are making use of one’s ‘illnesses’ instead of
    ‘curing’ them. One doesnt need no thing, circumstance or person to be
    content but this is very hard to conceive at first (god knows why our sharp
    common sense is obscured by the nonsense we acculumate as we grow up).

  • Interesting. Why don’t you take your contentedness and your sharp common
    sense elsewhere, then? Nobody is asking you to listen to this.

  • I don’t understand what makes you think that self-help books were designed
    to cure anyone. I can choose to listen to a mystery, a love story, a
    biography or here the views and experiences of another. There is no such
    thing as a one sided coin nor is one side of that coin worth more then
    another, yet both sides hold its own beauty as its own value to those who
    just enjoy the beauty.

  • I never said they were made to cure, I said they take on the fears &
    desires of those people who dont feel enough (as they want to be someone
    else) – & make money off of them. I have nothing against the books, I am
    just honest enough to tell the truth no matter how ugly it is. Also I dont
    expect from myself to ‘save’ the world or anyone for that matter because I
    know there is nothing to save humanity from.

  • “It’s not about the scheme or even if what they say is true or not, but
    about the fact that they are making use of one’s ‘illnesses’ instead of
    ‘curing’ them.” I guess I should have been equally confused as to the
    thought that they are making use of ones illness. It is most unfortunate
    that you find your truth to be ugly as well. I find only beauty in the
    truth or at least my own truth-in others I only find a separation of

  • I dont see only ugliness but also beauty in my own truth; my state is pure
    like space, in it all is allowed (good & bad) & I have no particular
    interest in anything; I am happy & content. Also I dont see separate
    realities but I know all events & all people to be expressions of myself. I
    am everything, everywhere. For me it doesnt matter what form life takes, I
    am not concerned & i see things as they appear, effortless existence.

  • Ok-so you know life takes different forms, yet you don’t see separate
    realities. All people are an expression of your self? Or is your
    interpretation of people the expression of your self? It’s apparent that I
    am not an expression of your self if it is your truth that you are
    effortless existence. Effortless would be a response such as, “Is that so”
    or better then that, none at all.

  • My interpretation, their fate, their bodies, the Self inside, your saying
    ‘I am not you’ – I am all of that (& beyond it) but I dont take it
    seriously. Effortless doesnt mean I am always right or a pro at convincing
    people. It means I know myself to be beyond the good, bad, right, wrong,
    convincing or non-convincing. Effortless beyond the concept of effortless.

  • The internet as a whole has begun to lift all of mankind in a few
    important ways with this tool you can study anything in this world that you
    would like to master. In the last 7 years there is no subject or question
    that I have not been able to attain knowledge of or connections too. the
    internet has driven and made possible for all like minded people to come
    together and share idea’s I think if the powers that be new it was going to
    be such a phenomenon they would have stopped it.

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  • Very annoying and outdated from current theories on how to achieve success.
    It is bothersome how “man” is so often used vs “people” or “person”.

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