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Hi,Primal Body Detox System

Welcome to the review of Laura Fitzpatrick’s The Primal Body Detox System. Is it really true that detox cleanse can make a huge difference when it comes to weight loss? The answer is yes. However, detox is not created equal because some seem better than others.

Laura Fitzpatrick’s program, The Primal Body Detox guide has proven the effectiveness of detox cleanse in weight loss. However, you should go through this review to know if this program will work for you or not.

Who is Laura Fitzpatrick?

Laura Fitzpatrick is the brain behind the Primal Body Detox system. Laura is currently a “health coach” in her mid-50s. She used to struggle with obesity and the same thing happened to her husband.

She knew she had to do something about it when she started experiencing the symptoms of what could have been a heart attack. This led to her research, which has helped her to lose an extremely significant amount of pounds.

She was also able to end her cravings for unhealthy foods with the method she shared in the Primal Body Detox guide. After this breakthrough, she got her husband to lose weight and so did the other members of her family that were struggling to lose weight.

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What is the Primal Body Detox Program?

Primal Body Detox is a comprehensive program for weight loss that requires you to eat the body- boosting and fat-burning smoothies that have been designed to help you remove extra fat from your body.

This program is an extensive guide is based on nutritional science that includes foods that can help you energize your body and melt away the stubborn fat from your body.

I don’t believe there is anyone out there that loves dieting. Most people hate it and if you are one of them that also hate crash diet, then this Primal Body Detox program is the best choice for you. With the help of Laura’s method in this program, you can remove extra weight in an effective and appropriate way.

This weight loss strategy adopted in the Primal Body Detox program is based on a unique approach where the diet is dependent on your blood group type. Each blood group holder is provided with his/her own set of recipes. They are made to add these recipes to their diet that they have to add to their diet. This way, you can lose up to 20 pounds of fat within a period of 1 month.

Why do people gain weight?

Primal Body Detox SystemLaura explains the reason why people gain weight, which is as a result of a toxic substance known as ricin. This ricin is present in many foods that we eat and it makes people struggle with weight loss.

The Primal Body Detox guide includes information on how you can regulate your hormone. All the smoothies in this guide have the adequate ingredients that are needed to help you shed excess fat from your body and Laura teaches how you can add the right smoothies to your diet.

You will also learn about the different micro nutrients such as healthy fat, fiber, carbohydrates and proteins and how you can add all of them in the right way for effective weight loss. This is sure to give you the best and lasting results possible.

Details Of the Primal Body  Detox program

The Primal Body Detox program is divided into two phases.

The first phase starts from the day you begin the program to the 10th day and it involves taking detox smoothies that will help your body get rid of toxic substances. You also get to enjoy snacks that you can take in between your meals.

The second phase involves going through an eating plan that will help you repair your body from the effects of past poor eating habits. This phase allows you to choose from different snacks and meals of your choice. The book has lots of foods listed to eat and they ones you should stay away from since whatever you take must be right for your blood group.

What You Get

Laura’s Primal Body Detox program costs only $37 as a one-time fee. The following are the items you will receive once you buy the program:

  • The Primal Body Detox ebook (354 pages)
  • A PDF with all the recipes that you can print out
  • Primal Body Detox dessert cookbook (78 pages)
  • The Primal Body Detox exercise book (25 pages)


Advantages Of Primal Body Detox Program

  1. Perfect for people with a tight schedule

The Primal Body Detox program is great for people that are always busy. There is no need for any special knowledge or skills. You also don’t need to start worrying about the time it would take you to prepare all these fat-burning smoothies. This is why a busy schedule is no longer part of the excuses for skipping the smoothie recipes that are incredibly weight-friendly.

  1. Good customer service

According to the users of this guide, Laura responds to emails fast. That’s not all. We also try contacting Laura herself on the email that was listed on the official website for Primal Body Detox system and she was able to give us a reply within a period of 24 hours.

  1. 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Laura offers the Primal Body Detox program with a 60-day money back guarantee, which I believe is a proof that Laura knows what she’s doing and confident about his program. This also gives you the opportunity and time to test-drive the program without any risk.

If you don’t like the results you get from this program after 2 months, then you can ask for a full refund of your investments, which will be given back to you without any questions.

Primal Body Detox System

  1. Not Yoyo Diet

The Primal Body Detox program is not a yo-yo diet and you don’t have to worry about starving yourself all in the name of losing weight. Starving yourself will only cause damage to your brain function and metabolism, which is something Laura herself is quite aware of.

This was a guide that helped her achieve her own weight loss goal. This guide gives you the chance to eat your favorite foods, as long as they are in a reasonable amount. According to Laura, healthy eating evolves round balance.

  1. Organised And Clear

In order to save some time and avoid any form of confusion, Laura herself made sure there is a complete section for each blood group. The Primal Body Detox guide also comes with detailed instructions on how to use this guide to your maximum advantage.

Laura also used simple language that is easy to understand by anybody, so you don’t have to worry about the possibility of getting something wrong.

Disadvantages Of The Primal Body Detox Program

As much as the Primal Body Detox program provides great information and secrets to weight loss, the following are the factors that might hinder you from getting the best out of Laura’s guide:

  1. You Must First Know About Your Body Type

It is important that you know your blood type before you start this program. Although this might not be a problem for most people, it is still a thing to know. An online shopping for a blood type kit from Amazon, which cost about $6 -$16, can take care of this problem.

  1. Result Might Vary

Another fact you need to know before deciding to check out the Primal Body Detox program is that results can differ. As stated in the program, you may not lose 20 pounds within the period of 31 days.

It might also take more than a month before you see significant changes in your weight, kindly expect this.  The program has probably helped some people to lose weight within that stipulated period.

But you should know that we are all different and there are several factors that can contribute to how fast you see your results. We highly recommended that you keep your expectation realistic and commit yourself with the instructions of Laura in the guide for that period of 31 days before deciding on how effective the program really is.

  1. Digital Format Only

The Primal Body Detox system and the other 2 bonus guides that come with it are also PDFs. If you are not a fan of the digital product, you might not be able to benefit from Laura’s guide, except if you don’t might go through all the trouble of printing everything out.


Overall, we believe the Primal Body Detox system is a great choice for people who are looking to lose weight and want to stay healthy. It is especially good for overweight people that are also busy.

The guide is easy to follow and the smoothie recipes that come with it are delicious. There is also no way you won’t lose at least some pounds and improve your health with all those yummy smoothies.

Laura’s fast response to email is quite impressive. For some authors, you might not get any reply and if you are going to get any, it might take forever. This is encouraging enough, knowing you are always getting a reply if there is something you don’t understand about the guide.

Well, this is it for the Primal Body Detox System review. We hope what you have learned here is enough to help you make an informed decision about Laura Fitzpatrick’s weight loss program.


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