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primal body detox program
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No matter how hard you try to eat right or how much time you spend at the best fitness centers around you, you may still end up struggling with excess body fat anyway.  Primal body detox program is such I found to help explain this situation better. The body anatomy is structured such that it avoids any factor that might want to affect it. However, this is not to say every activity supports this.

The best way to approach this problem of obesity and reducing weight for good is not going through crash diets, harmful weight loss products, starving yourself and over-exercising. The best way to lose weight and keep it off for good is through a comprehensive approach that is designed with the consideration of all the aspect of your health in mind.

This way, you will be able to deal with the root cause of your weight problems and this brings us to the review of Laura Fitzpatrick’s program, known as Primal Body Detox.

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About the Creator of Primal Body Detox Book

As early said, the Primal Body Detox system is created by Laura Fitzpatrick. The reliability of any program or guide depends on the author’s credibility.

The Primal Body Detox by Laura Fitzpatrick is a useful weight loss system that has so far helped a lot of people to lose weight naturally and effectively.Primal Body detox program

Laura Fitzpatrick is in her mid-50s and a successful health coach. Sometimes in the past, Laura and her husband, Tim used to struggle with obesity.

When it got to a point when Laura started experiencing some symptoms of heart attack, she decided and determined to turn things around for herself.

With the help of the methods she used in the Primal Body Detox, which she followed religiously, she was able to transform herself into a healthy and fit person.


What Is The Primal Body Detox Program?

Primal Body Detox is a popular fat loss guide. The guide is created by the Laura Fitzpatrick, a teacher by profession. Laura used to be overweight some years back. She developed this comprehensive guide to help the people who are like she used to and tired of trying different weight loss strategies to get rid of the excess fat that has been stored in their belly.

Also, in this program, Laura added healthy green smoothies to the program, which has been designed according to your blood type, i.e. O, A, B, and AB. According to Laura, you will be able to get rid of 20 pounds in a short span of time.

The author of the Primal Body Detox system explains the reasons people struggle with the excess fat loss. Simply, the methods highlighted in the Primal Body Detox weight loss guide can help improve your body shape, enhance your immune system, provide you with better sleep quality and improve your overall well-being.

You will be able to get rid of all toxins from your body system if you are able to continue following this program daily. According to Laura, after a period of 31 days, you will start seeing good results of the better immune system because it will be supercharged and you will start enjoying protection against viral fever, frequent colds and nagging headaches, frequent colds, and viral fever.

Product Details

As earlier mentioned, Laura added yummy fat-burning green smoothies in the Primal Body Detox guide and they are fully loaded with fibers, minerals, and vitamins. She also added some home-based exercises to the guide. This together with all those green smoothies will help you achieve your weight loss goal. Laura Fitzpatrick created fat loss programs according to the blood type.

There are 2 phases to the Primal Body Detox system.

Cleanse Phase

For the first 10 days of this program, you will have to consume the smoothie that is designed specifically according to your blood group. Laura included perfect ingredients that can help you melt your body fat and speed up your metabolism.

The Repair Phase

This second phase begins from the 11th day and you will have to continue with a meal for the rest of the month. This phase includes recipes for different kinds of meals, which are majorly the 3 major meals of the day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Additionally, this weight loss plan comes with foods that can serve as snacks between these meals for you. This weight loss strategy will help you in getting rid of excess fat. Also, you will be able to remove about 20 pounds in a period of one month.
After you are done with the repair phase you can then go back to your normal everyday routine. However, you have to follow the effective approaches. Those that are specifically highlighted in the guide for maintaining your new lifestyle.

Does The Primal Body Detox Works?

The Primal Body Detox guide is not a scam. And Laura Fitzpatrick is a living proof of what the program can do. This program is a legitimate system. A designed program to help people lose weight effectively and naturally.

The Primal Body Detox program has worked wonder for a lot of people around the world and the author, Laura Fitzpatrick herself. Have you tried other weight loss programs and none has worked for you so far? But I believe this guide might be the right choice for you.

This program helps you customize your diet plan to help you become a healthier and slimmer version of yourself. The Primal Body Detox system comes with you detailed instructions on steps to be taken for complete 30 days.

There is no way you won’t succeed in your weight loss journey if you follow all these instructions correctly. The Primal Body Detox system is truly a great way to bring healthy transformations in your life.

Pros of the Primal Body Detox Diet Program

  1. Better Sleep

If you follow the right drinking and eating habit daily with some basic workout routine, described in the Primal Body Detox system, you will be able to have an improved sleep. Your sleeping quality is bound to improve as you start living a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Money Back Guarantee

The Primal Body Detox system comes with 60 days money back guarantee. This I believe is enough time for you to check out the effect of the program.

This is a proof that Laura is confident about her program. If your result after 2 months is not impressive, you can ask for a refund of your investment by sending an email to Laura.Primal Detox Body Program

  1. Health Benefits

Apart from weight loss and better sleep, there are other health benefits that come with smoothies generally. The Primal Body Detox download can help you accelerates your overall well being.

Other additional health benefits you will enjoy as you start following the instructions in this weight loss system includes reduced blood pressure, increased energy levels, reduced cholesterol, enhanced immune system and improved mental focus among others.

  1. Natural Weight Loss

All the steps found in the Primal Body Detox program look safe and completely natural. With this program, Laura only aims to help your drinking. And eating habit and not in ways that will cause any discomfort to you.

The guide comes with some smoothies and healthy diet plan that will ensure you achieve your desired weight loss result naturally, effectively and permanently.

  1. Superfoods to Keep You Healthy

The Primal Body Detox program encourages the intake of some super, healthy foods strongly. Such foods include turmeric powder, rolled oats, Chia seeds, healthy smoothies and much more. These superfoods will help you boost your overall health in order for you to enjoy a healthy and fit body.

  1. Affordable

Primal Body Detox system is offered at an affordable price, especially since you will be losing weight in the most natural manner. Looking at what you stand to gain from the primal body detox program in the aspect of health. I believe you can really put a price on your well-being.

Primal Body Detox Weight Loss Guide- Cons

  • Requires Patience

The Primal Body Detox system requires you to stay committed. Therefore for most individuals, it could be difficult to stick to a particular smoothie diet. But, if you want to achieve your desired weight loss.Then you have to be patient and follow this guide step by step.

  • Online Format Only

Primal Body Detox is only available in PDF files. There is no hard copy of the program. Therefore, you need an internet connection to have access to the program.


Overall, we believe that Laura’s primal Body Detox program is an incredibly good guide for the people. Those who are struggling with the too much fat problem or others who just want to meet their health goals.

The Primal Body Detox guide consists of an effective and quick method. All of which is to help you shed off your body fat without having to starve yourself with harsh diet or exercises.

Laura’s fast responses to email queries are also impressive. Therefore anybody looking to stay in shape or get into a perfect won’t have a problem. Thus, the Primal Body Detox guide is certainly a perfect choice for you.




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