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What the lean belly breakthrough teaches about heart attack warning signs

The lean belly breakthrough
The lean belly breakthrough
Written by Bankole
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What The Lean Belly Breakthrough Teaches About Heart Attack Warning SignsThe Lean Belly Breakthrough

Excessive weight gain is well and widely known to be dangerous. Various researchers have shown this. Adding too much weight and piling up the fat could cause severe harm, giving rise to conditions like stroke, arthritis, diabetes, cancer and most commonly, cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks. This is why the Lean Belly Breakthrough system exists, to help you lose that weight that wants to kill you. Heart attacks are common today, especially among adults over the age of 35. It has been a steadily rising threat to health over the years, contributing significantly to mortality rate. As deadly as it may be, there are yet signs to show if one stands the risk of a heart attack. The Lean Belly Breakthrough by Bruce Khran points out a number of signs you should watch out for, to avoid and lower your risk of a heart attack.

These signs include:

  1. Abdominal obesity

The Lean Belly Breakthrough program lists this as one of the common signs of a heart attack risk. Piling up excess fat in the midsection greatly heightens the risk of a heart attack or a heart disease which could yet lead to a heart attack. Fortunately, you don’t need any tests to detect this. The Lean Belly Breakthrough diet plan, coupled with the Lean Belly Breakthrough exercises should help you eliminate this and reduce your risk level.

  1. High blood pressureThe Lean Belly Breakthrough

One thing being obese does is to put pressure on the vessels circulating blood around the body. With more pressure exerted, the heart stands a greater risk of a collapse; a sudden heart attack. Regular blood pressure checks are important to know how well or not you are faring. The Lean Belly Breakthrough can then be engaged to correct any worries. By staying consistent to the Lean Belly Breakthrough food and diet options provided in the Recipes and Metabolism Boosting Meal Plan guide, as well as exercising regularly, this risk factor can be doused.

  1. High LDL cholesterol

Your body cholesterol levels have much say in whether or not you might have a heart attack. Optimal levels are advised, above which the risk keeps rising. A simple total and LDL cholesterol test will show you if you are within the desired less than 200mg/dL range. However, the Lean Belly Breakthrough system can get you to the optimal 150mg/dL.

While the above are the basic and common signs that point to a high risk of heart attack. Bruce Khran’s Lean Belly Breakthrough reveals, even more, signs to watch out for.

These signs include:

  • A receding hairline: Various number of causes could lead to hair loss; genetics, to hormonal imbalance and cancer, among others. This sign can therefore not be used alone as an indicator of a heart attack risk but should be noted if the other signs appear.
  • Bald spot(s) on the head: This is more common among men than in women. It is yet to be clearly deciphered what the link is, but the study by Danish scientists on 11,000 volunteers shows that this might, in conjunction with other signs, denote a heart attack risk.
  • A crease in one or both earlobes: This taught to be caused by impaired blood circulation. The result is the collapse of the blood vessel near the earlobe, causing it to the crease.
  • Xanthelasma: This manifests by the presence of small yellow lumps around the eyelids, due to excess cholesterol under the skin. With excess cholesterol, heart attack risks increase.

The presence of any one or two of these signs doesn’t effectively lead to a heart attack, but having three or all of them calls for caution. With three or all of these signs, a person stands 59% more chance of a heart attack.

In addition, suffering from periodontal disease and sleep apnea could bring a heart attack. Periodontal disease builds up inflammation due to poor dental hygiene and could see infections from the gum get into the bloodstream. Sleep apnea, on the other hand, disturbs sleep at night by narrowing the upper airways or forcing them to collapse during sleep. With this disturbance, oxygen saturation of the bloodstream falls, and inflammation is raised, as well as adrenaline, both of which increase the risk of a heart attack.

However, you can stay healthy and avoid a heart attack. Lean Belly Breakthrough testimonies from users show the efficacy of the program in this aspect. Engaging in all the 2-minute rituals will really help you stay healthy. For more details CLICK HERE!

the lean belly breakthrough

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