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How to Know You Are in the Good State of Health – Pure Natural Healing

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How to Know You Are in the Good State of Health - Pure Natural Healing
Written by Bankole
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How to Know You Are in the Good State of Health – Pure Natural Healing

Do you know being in a good state of health is key? Today, people now link some sicknesses to the effect of technological medics. However, people now seek for alternative medicine. People now assume this as a pure natural healing method. At this, I saw a need to expose you to ways to knowing your health is in a perfect condition;


    This is a sign of healthy state. Therefore, it indicates nutritional efficiencies like iron vitamin D and other essential vitamins are present in the body.


    When you wake up in the morning ready for your daily activities are you are full of energy then you are in a good state of health. But if you are ill or lack vitamins you might feel very weak and sluggish.


    When you are in a good state of health you discover that you hardly have aches either from body parts or a headache and if you have to go through the stress and encounter aches which is a normal phenomenon that cannot be avoided, they don’t last long.


    you definitely don’t have problems breathing well, even when you have minor ailments, the moment you discover that you can hardly breathe, that is a sign showing that there is something wrong with your health, it could be minor but you have to see a doctor.

    Again having fresh breaths from your mouth is another clue of you been healthy because a lot of your immune functions happen to take place in your gut showing that your gut is balanced health wise. The moment you start having fishy, foul or soured breath then your health is not in good shape.


    if you are not healthy it reflects on your skin, having a healthy skin is a symptom of good health because the skin is the most vulnerable organ of the human body. It reflects the impacts of environmental factors on humans.


    the eyes reveal a lot about health generally and it tells the state of an individual psychologically, either you are stressed out, depressed energy filled, excited, sad etc and these could be noticed through the color of one’s eyes.


    Signs of your daily body fat percentage are important. Therefore, as your body fats increase it means there are accumulations of fat tissues. The more increase in your body weight or fat the more likely you tend to be slow.  And unable to perform a lot of physical activities.


    if you can exercise at ease, walk up a hill, balance on one foot, walk long miles, you can squat down and get back up without having to hold on to anything to keep you balanced, do your work at the office without feeling tired or the need to sleep during working hours then it is a sign of good health.


    you don’t feel pains or hurt when you move your joints. When your joints do not move through their full motion it means there is a problem.Although especially for athletes, when they happen to have injuries it is recommended that they can only return to sports when they feel no more pain and their motion completely normal then they are healthy.

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