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How I was able to cure my pain following a pure natural healing method

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How I was able to cure my pain following a pure natural healing method

I felt so reluctant while trying to publish this post. This is because the majority of people don’t feel so cool sharing personal health issues, especially on social platforms. But, the truth is I was able to take care of hemorrhoids.

After random thought severally, I saw a need to reveal through writing how going through the pains and treatment with the use of a pure natural healing method succeeded. The courage I summoned was actually being of help to other people out there suffering same.

Thus, here we go as we begin how the whole process began and how it ended. At the end of this post, I really wish you would know the next step to take to improve your health better.

Here is how the whole thing all began;

While giving birth to Tim five and a half years back, the experience was worse than normal. Getting delivered from hemorrhoids was pure misery, it was painful and always causing a feeling of guilt. I later discovered it has been a condition affecting millions of people. A study explained that at a time in life anybody could experience symptomatic hemorrhoids.

A pure natural healing used by some includes high-fiber diet, non-surgical medical approach, and some herbal supplements. The natural treatment which I used is what I will expose you to on this very page.

Dietary improvementpure natural healing method

Consumption of food with high fiber –

Getting rid of hemorrhoids requires that one avoids hard stool and constipation. This can only be achieved by eating food high in fiber content. Example of food rich in fiber includes; berries, Brussels, beans, flaxseed, quinoa. A clinical study revealed that food rich in fiber helps reduce the risk bleeding.

Proper hydration –

Constipation could be as a result not drinking enough water, a contrary act to pure natural healing method. Thus, it helps in the transportation of fiber down through the digestive tract. A lot of studies explained that restricted fluids contribute to the continuous occurrence of constipation, a contributor to hemorrhoids. However, reducing constipation with drinking of water can help avert hemorrhoids.

Consume already fermented foods –

Consuming kefir, raw/pastures yogurt etc. helps in the provision of healthy bacteria such that helps the digestive system. These healthy bacteria are the ones that help for proper elimination of toxic substances.

Reduced alcoholic consumption –

Taking too much of alcohol can really contribute to being dehydrated. This causes the symptoms of hemorrhoids to become worse. Studies have proved that excess alcohol in the body coupled with spicy foods increase the risk chances of suffering hemorrhoids.

Improved Toilet Habitspure natural healing method

I never knew every bit of what I will be revealing below was bad not until I experienced the pains of hemorrhoids. The following are to be avoided if hemorrhoids are to be cure naturally;

Straining should be avoided –

The bowel should move freely and shouldn’t be disturbed. However, straining the bowel worsens the case with hemorrhoid. You shouldn’t stay too long before visiting the toilet, thus it is important that attention is paid to your body signal. This did I fail in doing before the hemorrhoids got worse.

Sitting too long in the closet –

I have been fond of sitting too long in the toilet, but until I discovered it supports the growth of hemorrhoids. The emergence of mobile gadgets now causes most people to feel relaxed even while in the toilet.

Thorough cleansing after stooling –

Failure to do this only aggravates hemorrhoids. Using soap with harsh chemicals, alcohols or even perfumes causes more of hemorrhoids suffering.

All of these habits was I guilty of, but after getting the information from the pure natural healing solution I was able to completely turn the hands of things around even when I had suffered. There are other types of unpleasant health situations that the pure natural healing methods can take care of.

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