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  • Utilise this Sunday by watching this video by William Ackman: Everything
    you need to know about finance and investing.

    William Ackman: Everything You Need to Know About Finance and Investing in
    Under an Hour

  • There are some stock picks on which are long term investments
    with charting, low yields for the current market.

  • Man, if only every kid graduating high school (or perhaps dropping out)
    could be shown this 45 minute lecture, so many poor financial decisions
    would be averted and our economy would be better served.

  • An awesome finance/investing tutorial by Bill Ackman. It’s longish….but
    if you need to understand the basics (for a Corporate Finance test, for
    example), this is a great start. And for the novice investor, it’s critical
    to understand the ‘blocking & tackling’ basics of corporate finance if you
    are to become a successful, long term investor.

  • i do not give any money or information to muslim people. i do not take any
    money or information from muslim people. i hate muslim people.

  • I’m sorry, why is the business worth $1500? ‘We just made up that number’?
    So you make up the the number of shares you have? How the… ungh. confused

  • 12:10 he’s wrong, options are not considered to be a form of equity,
    options are contracts that are based on the underlying asset of equity,
    thus options are really derivatives.

  • Truly a good clip to watch and learn from. Definitely a basics video
    however, I wish he would of went into a little more detail of what it was
    going to cost to set up that lemonade stand. Had Mr. Ackman published all
    up front start up costs the lemonade stand would have never got off the
    ground. There are maintenance costs over the next 5 years on the existing
    stands to keep them in good standing. This could include paint, new boards,
    missing screws. Then there is the licensing required by city’s to operate a
    business in a certain location. Rent on the land to have the lemonade
    stand. Obviously there was no purchasing of a spot to place the stand. The
    startup cost was merely to buy the stand. Not the location it was to be
    placed. Insurance to protect our investment against acts of nature,
    vandalism, or illness’ brought on by “bad” lemonade in the event of a law
    suit. Last but not least is the percentage of spoilage. Lemons that go bad.
    Partial jugs of lemonade not served at the end of the day but cannot be
    saved and have to be dumped to comply with safe consumption federal laws.

    In no way shape or form am I criticizing Mr. Ackman. He did mention again
    it was a basics video. I just wish that more of these details had been put
    into the original scenario to make the original start up look closer to
    real life practices and give a more meaningful ending.

    Thanks. :-)

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