How to lose weight

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  • @yashawinishama Use less ghee and oil and invest in olive oils. Dipping
    brown bread in balsamic vinegar as a snack. Salads, smoothies, beet root,
    boiled or steamed veggies. soups, Sandwhiches with brown bread only. the
    list for vegetarians also is a lot :)

  • @thompson25001666 i did it when i was 17. Im so sorry to hear that your
    bullied. Your beautiful to me and i love your hair. Im a huge lover of emo
    styles and their music hehe

  • @sisi h im not sure how to answer that, i would say curves are kept if for
    1, your curvy :P. If your talking about fear of reduced breast size then
    its inevitable because if your overweight, your breasts are gonna be
    bigger, if you reduce, your breasts will too. My sister didn’t reduce
    however so this varies. I would do squats to maintain curves and waist

  • @Randomly xo not sure, i don’t like pill intake for weightless, i don’t
    know why. so i wouldn’t know the results

  • @sisi h aww thanks, i know I’ve been told i look like Kim k 😛 Although i
    don’t see it, i guess sometimes i do cause even my mum and college used to
    say i belong with them :P

  • @Kaitkyn T Kaitkyn i can’t explain how proud i am of you, you are an
    inspiration to others now! And i believe when you say you cried, its a
    break through that people wish to experience. Im so proud of ya! Keep going
    and never give up! Your a fighter!

  • Thanks you so much,new had our weigh ins for wrestling and I’m 5 ft 8in,
    190 lbs and 31% bf and that put me as the heaviest and highest bfp, my
    girlfriends brother who hates me is kn the wrestling team and he got some
    guys to tease me about my bfp and I left the locker room in tears… I mean
    it was bad j shoved my coach out of the way and left as fast as I could
    with my music blasting. I came Home and threw everything around jn my room
    :,( thank u so much for the tips

  • I don’t exactly NEED to lose weight, I’m a little over 160lbs. I was always
    at my happiest when I was in the 130’s a couple years ago. So I’m trying to
    get to that by the time I’m 18, I’m 16 right now. This helped! Thank you!

  • Picture yourself losing weight quickly? Well Fast Fat Furlong will make you
    lose weight… Period.. Give it a go, just search the phrase Fast Fat

  • Hello good job you’re right about sugar I love love sugar is like crack and
    I cannot stop eating but you’re right you look so good night I’m so proud
    of you and I’m going to try my best to stop eating sugar thank you my name
    is sherry price

  • Great Video. I started my weight loss effort when I was 108kg but got stuck
    at 90. So far I am still around 90. Im going to include your suggestions
    now and see if I can hit my target of 80kg (good for a 6ft tall guy).
    Thanks a lot :)

  • Best weight loss video I’ve seen you kept it real! I’m addicted to green
    tea now lol, btw your looks remind me of my best friend and kim k mixed

  • Love the video im inspired and I wanna try it but dose the tea have to be
    hot all the time and what is the name of the tea plz and thank u ♥

  • I love your personality, i laughed the whole time, i wrote down everything,
    i will be at the grocery store later to pick these things up, thank you so
    much and God bless you, muah

  • Hey! You look amazing
    I just have ONE QUESTION
    how did you get the muscle on your arms if you didn’t make any exercice? :/
    You didn’t have any extra skin, because you lost a lot of weight?

  • Wow, your so funny, you give me determination !!! I will give updated on my
    weight Lost I offically have started today xx 

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