Fast Fat Loss

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  • How do I factor in food quantity? For instance, with respect to the 16/8,
    do I continue to try and consume the same number of grams of P,F and Cs in
    the the 8 hour window as I do on a non-fasting day?

  • there’s a guy I know that started dieting at 15 and he stalled his height
    because he was pretty tall for a 15 year old and now he is pretty tinny for
    a 17 year old

  • How is 1-2 pounds a week, “double” fat loss results? Just wondering,
    thinking about trying IF one more time. I just eat whenever I want, as long
    as I hit my macros and cals.

  • There is no research to show that this fasting method will result in muscle
    loss. In Brad Pilon’s book, he states that much longer fasts would be
    necessary to enter a catabolic state. I’ve been fasting for 36 hours twice
    weekly with no issues.

  • I dont get it , should we start intermittent fasting or stick to the old 3
    days low carb 3 days high carb diet you mentioned in your old videos ??

  • I can use some advise. I didn’t know I’m indirectly doing something similar
    to IF so I figure I can probably do better if I ask for help here. I
    currently do a 24 hour fast 1x/wk after my cheat day (Sadly, my cheat day
    is eat anything I want for 1 day) Weekdays I eat a low carb / low calorie
    diet (approx 150g profein / 10 -20g of cabs / 1200 calories) along side of
    3x Crossfit + 3x Lifting. Thinking of adding another cheat meal
    (Steak/Carb) + 1 extra fasting day. Would it mess up my diet?

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    Google Fat Blast Factor and get started.

  • Hi Shaun, In your 14 day rapid weight loss do you give strategies on how to
    use the intermittent fasting along with the weight loss plan? I wanted to
    purchase it but I am also very interested in using the fasting along with
    the diet.

  • Plenty of science proving that intermittent fasting works.

    Love how this guy points that out.

    More information here. What is Intermittent Fasting | Weight Loss Tips And

  • My family laughed when I told them I would get rid of fat with Nifty Fat
    Blaster, but then they saw the results. Do a search on google for Nifty Fat
    Blaster to see their reaction.

  • It will be very very very tough to complete even a 12 minute all out HIIT
    plan after 24 hour of zero carbs… I assume the plan here is to use the
    fat stores to fuel this 12 minutes of madness with zero carb stores?

  • @getleanin12 After a 24 hour fast and workout do you want to get all the
    calories for the day into the 1 meal or just eat a normal meal. 

  • hey shaun, do you recommend doing different styles of intermittent fasting
    during one week? eg. doing a 16/8 on say monday, tuesday, friday, and 24
    hour fast on wednesday and saturday (both cheat days) and leave sunday

  • IF is the best type of diet I have used in 15 years of training, and I have
    tried several types of carb cycling diets.

    I do a 16/8 fast. I take just a scoop of casein during the fast to prevent
    muscle loss, plus 5g of glutamine every hour. Studies have shown than
    glutamine increases GH if taken on an almost empty stomach. I take a scoop
    of whey right before the workout and during and do lots of drop sets.

    It’s not easy but it’s very effective with little to no muscle loss.

  • As God as my witness. Back in the 90’s, I didn’t realize at the time, that
    I was actually doing the 16 Hour fast. At the time, I wasn’t proud and
    thought I was “cheating” or “starving” myself. My schedule was 1/2 my
    calories at 1-2pm, 2 hours of circuit training, and 1/2 my calories at
    around 6-7pm. In bed by 10pm, up at 6am. I went from 260lbs to 166lbs in 3

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