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EMP ProtocolRecently, the media has created dreadful secrets about EMP to create fear in the minds of people and disturb their peace of mind. This is said to be human-disassembled disasters, which the government is hiding. Just one EMP could be very devastating if it happens.

The nation will be affected and every aspect of people’s daily living will be paralyzed. So, in a situation like this, how do you protect yourself and your loved ones from this crisis without going through many problems?

How can you live with a total blackout in the dark without meeting the basics that electricity and electric components have been providing you, which you have gotten used to by now? Truly, we can’t predict the future. It might not even happen and it might happen.

So, what if it happens? You need to be safe and keep your family safe. If you are to survive in the dark during an EMP attack, you need to know how. That seems to have been taken care of with wonderful EMP Protocol program by Dan. F. Sullivan.

This guide is a created to educate you on how you can live with a life compression and teach you simple steps you can use to make sure you and your loved ones are safe and secure without disaster during an EMP attack.


What Is The EMP Protocol Guide?

The EMP protocol is the most comprehensive and easiest EMP Survival System that is designed to help you saveEMP Protocol your life and those of your loved ones. The program is created to help you maintain any form of EMP attack through practical ways you can live without electricity.

The guide also includes Biotechniques that include entire power grid, which will protect you with how you can protect your drinking water, medicine, first aid classes, storage food, your equipment and the car, even when there are no light, heat, and contacts.

The EMP Protocol Package comes with useful information on how you can protect yourself in preparation for any EMP attack. With this information, you will learn about how to do a simple device that allows you to close the electrical devices from EMP effects.

The EMP attack is more like bringing life back to dark times.

How Does EMP Protocol Course Works?

This EMP Protocol program is not designed only to be used in case of EMP attack. It is a guide that you can also use in case any worst class attack happens in your environment in any other disaster. This EMP protocol guide comes with software with 3 spell-free methods that will give the ability to generate your own power supply with each of these spell-free methods confirming the implementation of your own power sector.

What will you learn from EMP Protocol?

From all the useful information provided in the EMP Protocol guide, the following are few of the things you will learn from Dan Sullivan’s guide:

  • The EMP Protocol guide educates you on what you will do with this guide from day 1 to the 30th day so that you and your family will definitely be survivors in any disastrous attack in your environment.
  • This guide educates you on how you can ensure a standard power supply to your home during an EMP attack without having to rely on the general power supply.
  • With this EMP Protocol guide, you will learn how you can build cheap Faraday cages.
  • This EMP Protocol guide has a technique that teaches you how to do the necessary repairs quickly after an EMP attack. It comes with extremely useful information about how you can frame basic hardware from scratch.


What will get inside from EMP Protocol?

  • The EMP Protocol guide comes with Step-by-step pictures and videos on how you can make these 3 Faraday boxes types. They are meant to protect your devices against the EMP, even the strongest one.
  • This way, you will not have to worry about paying about $30,000 for a copper chamber. Also. Here is no need wasting $30 on building Faraday cages that are being advertised on various websites. Dan Sullivan shows how you can make them with less than $5 bucks each. Dan provides how you will get the exact materials for every box type and the step-by-step instructions on how to get this done. Another advantage here is that one of the cages that are small and light enough to fit in your bug-out-bag.
  • The EMP comes with step-by-step instructions on the exact things you need to do as soon as an EMP attack happens. No matter where you live, in the city or farm, bugging out or in, you will learn how to move really fast in order to stay safe and protect your loved ones while protecting yourself as well.
  • The EMP Protocol guide gives you access to the information on the best ways for you to safely generate electricity after the blackout. All you just have to do is keep the spare parts in Faraday shields. This way, you will be provided with light years to come.
  • You will know about the 12 electronics you have to salvage in the Faraday cages. This list includes flashlights and emergency radios. However, there is a need for you to have others in preparation for any long time disaster.

Other things to learn from the EMP protocol

  • You will learn how to hide the fact that you have electricity. People will know that you have light in your place if your kid is playing with a flashlight outside or if they see light in your window.The stealth tactics included in the EMP Protocol guide will teach you the things you need to know how to make sure no neighbour take your device, include the law enforcement.
  • The EMP Protocol provides information on how you can prepare your car for EMP. There is also a list of cars models that can surely survive.
  • In the EMP Protocol system, you will learn about how you can make get-home bags, daily carry kits, bug-out bags for you and your loved ones. These are not designed to work only in case of EMP attack alone but they also work for any other kind of disastrous emergency.

The guide helps you go deep down and covered every aspect. It also makes sure that all the items that are inside your bags and kits are protected against sharp objects, water, theft, and shocks.

  • You will know how to bug on foot because you will have no other choice but to leave your car behind if it doesn’t work. However, there is no need to fear because you will be taught how you can get to your bug out location, especially if the road is dangerous. You will safely get to your bug-out location and in record time.
  • The guide also comes with how you can survive without electricity including the procurement of water and food, sanitation and hygiene, homeschooling and alternative communication methods.

The EMP Protocol Guide – Bonuses

  1. Vital Survival ChecklistsEMP Protocol
  2. Getting Home When SHTF
  3. Barter for Your Life
  4. How to Prep under the Radar
  5. Dan’s Tops Success Tools and Gear Recommendations


  • EMP Protocol Guide comes with clear and easy to follow instructions in the survival period.
  • The guide is easy to use and it also saves you time and money.
  • This EMP Protocol program is educating you in preparation of the worst case scenario. The guide is not only useful in the case of EMP attack along but in any kind of disaster.
  • The guide consists of proven and tested techniques by scientists.
  • This EMP Protocol program is not only a solution to EMP strike. But also the perfect solution to other any mass infection, economic collapse, environmental and terrible disasters and more.
  • The EMP protocol system has information on how can keep your electronics secure and safe.
  • In the guide, you will also learn about the best way through which you can find water sources and how you can save drugs that are sensitive to heat.


  • If you are not a fan of digital products, you can’t benefit from the EMP Protocol guide.
  • The EMP protocol might expire soon due to its low cost.


We highly recommend this EMP Protocol. It is not just a solution to an EMP attack. But it provides a way out of any disastrous situation such as mass infection and economic collapse. The EMP Protocol guide comes with a final block program that will let you see the exact things you need to do with all the provided information right from the day one.

The author of the guide provides an incredible customer support service, which can help you in suspicious occasions or situations. EMP Protocol is offered with a 60-day money back guarantee, so you will have nothing to lose after all.


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