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There have been a lot of publications on EMP survival plans and you might have come across many of them. However, in this review, you will learn about the different innovative techniques that will help you secure your life and that of your loved ones from dangerous EMP attack. If you want to learn more about keeping yourself safe and get more solution for EMP attack, then you are in the right place.

When we talk about EMP attack, then you can imagine the world without TV, internet, microwaves, phone, radio and treated water. Imagine everything going offline permanently.

Imagine what will happen where there are no means to transport dairy, eggs, produce, meat, grains and packaged food. People will just have to kill each other for the remaining packaged food left on the shelves of stores around them.

The EMP Protocol guide is an extreme and advanced blackout answer that has been developed by Dan F. Sullivan. The guide comes with different life-saving techniques that have been proven by scientists as well.

Many publications about EMP educated the people how they can escape from this kind of situation and how they can protect their loved ones from that kind of critical time.

However, whenever there is EMP attack on the country, the first damage will be your household electronic items. After the damage on your digital device, it will cost you more to repair it and you might even need to buy new ones. The EMP Protocol guide shows you how you can make a “Faraday Cage” weird box that will protect your electronic devices…


What is The EMP Protocol Program?

The EMP Protocol is an innovative and well-designed program that includes many pictures and videos which show you how you can protect yourself and your loved ones including your electronics and other things that could be damaged by an EMP attack by making a 3 Faraday boxes.

This is one of the must-have materials in this situation and the EMP Protocol Program provides information that will help you protect your gadget even during EMP attack.

There are lots of sites available that educate people on Faraday boxes but the guide offers how you can make the boxes yourself in a real and affordable blueprint.

As earlier said, with all the information that Dan Sullivan is revealed in his guide, all you need to make the practical aspects of the guide by creating a Faraday box for just $5, which will be just to purchase the tools needed.

The guide educates users on how to make it 3 different devices in the tool of each box and one of them is small and light enough and you can easily carry it around.

The program teaches how you can make your own electricity in 3 different ways. All you just have to do is follow the provided details in the guide and apply it, you will enjoy seeing how easily you can save your life and you’re loved during an EMP attack by this EMP Protocol guide.

How Does The EMP Process Works?

The EMP Process is a step-by-step manual for that is essential for everyone looking to be safe and sound during any emergency mass infection or disastrous situation. This EMP Protocol program teaches you about everything you need to know about EMP and the safety cages.

You will learn how to make these cages yourself with the help of some basic equipment. These kinds of tools needed are the types you can obtain from your kitchen and backyard. You will be creating a fully enclosed shield that will help you protect your electronic gadgets like microwave, radio, and mobile.EMP Protocol Program

There are also more tools listed in the guide if you want to generate your own electric power. The EMP Protocol guide educates users on three extremely essential updates about using free energy forever, living without water and Faraday Shields. The guide has lots of information on how to fat EMP attack and make your car even stronger.

You will also learn about how you can prepare a bag out bags, where you can keep your emergency kits which will be very useful in a dangerous scenario. There are lots of essential equipment in the bug out hand bags that are extremely useful.

This The EMP Protocol is a survival tool:

It discusses everything on how you can survive without any source. Apart from electricity, this guide also covers some other aspects of life that are essential to daily living, such as how to communicate, how to get food and water and you will also learn a lot about sanitation.

In this guide, you will learn all the effects of an EMP attack. Also, not only is the guide incredible for survival in the case of an EMO attack alone, the information in this guide is also very useful for any other kind of disastrous situations like hurricanes, economic collapse, and social unrest.

Read more about the EMP Protocol EBook HereEMP Protocol Program

What Will You Learn From The EMP Protocol?

The shield and Faraday Cages that you will be creating with the knowledge you acquire from this EMP Protocol is well designed so that they will easily absorb the electromagnetic radiation from the attack and protect the tools.
the materials that you will be using to make this Faraday cages are materials that are simple to get and you can make the cages within 10 minutes

The EMP Protocol guide comes with important information on tactics and important details that will help you get drinking water, medicine, and some foods.

The EMP Protocol guide comes with an important checklist and essential tools for the crisis that will help you secure yourself and your family.

Inside this guide, you will discover the five important bonuses;

Bonuses of the EMP Protocol Guide

  1. How to Prep under the Radar
  2. Vital Survival Checklists
  3. Getting Home When SHTF
  4. Barter for Your Life
  5. Dan’s Tops Success Tools and Gear RecommendationsEMP Protocol Program

The EMP Protocol System – Advantages

  1. Survive Any Other Emergency

This guide consists of items and info that will help you and your family survive any other kind of emergencies or disasters such as social unrest, hurricanes, economic collapse or whatever it might be. In fact, it consists of information that will help you survive any type of worst scenario, although I can’t imagine anything that could be worse than an EMP attack.

  1. Money Back Guarantee

Since Dan Sullivan is so confident about the essentiality of his guide, he offers the guide with 60-day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose if you decide to check out this guide today.

Scientifically Backed-up Techniques

The techniques that Dan Sullivan clearly explained in his guide has been proven and tested by scientist to work in protecting your gadgets and keeping you safe and secure.

  1. Highly Informative

The EMP Protocol system consists of information about everything you need to know about EMP attack and how you can survive no matter what. There is some info in the guide that you can make use of once in a while, not until an EMP attack actually happens.

  1. Easy-To-Follow and Easy

The EMP Protocol Guide comes in clear and detailed language. It has photos and videos for all the practical aspects, so you don’t have to worry about making mistakes. The instructions in the guide are easy-to-follow as well.

  1. Affordable

If you look at the stress people will have to go through after an EMP attack and the battle that will arise in competition for the remaining packaged foods and other essential things that will no longer be available, anyone would want to take advantage of anything that will give them a way out.

That is what this guide is for and how much do you think that will cost? The EMP Protocol system gives you simple, yet effective tactics that will help you get whatever you want in this situation. It’s just $39.


It’s only available in PDF format only, if you don’t mind.


I believe that from what you have learned from the EMP Protocol program review here today, you are sure about one thing at least; everyone needs it incase of emergency.

There are many publications about EMP attack on the internet. But another thing I am sure of is that you will be learning much more from the EMP Protocol program.

So, is this guide right for you? You should be able to decide that by now. Remember that you have nothing to lose since the guide comes with a money back guarantee. If you get and discover that there is nothing new to what you have learned about EMP, you can ask for a full refund of your investment.

Well, this is it on the review of the EMP Protocol system here today. I hope you can now make an informed decision on whether you want to check it out or not.

Stay safe.


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