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  • Can sports betting be successful and profitable in a long run? Las Vegas
    sports betting legend Bill Walters has never had a losing year – a winning
    a streak that’s made odds makers call him the “most dangerous sports bettor
    in Nevada. Sports Betting: Billy Walters
    (he made so much profit IRS is after him now)

  • Your funny, only a person with half a brain would think that. Now, try
    flipping a coin and having it land heads thirteen times in a row. Cuz, what
    i would do is bet $5 to start and then double up each time i lose to a
    maximum of thirteen times. Have u ever ended with heads 13 times in a row
    consecutively? Get back to me when U do. LOL.

  • These people think they are so smart? These guys make gamblers who don’t
    practise inferiority complex in the real world to practise it in a virtual
    world were money is involved. You can’t eat your cake and have it.
    Senior/Junior teams or whatever… Which day have you ever seen Bayern
    München giving any team in bundesliga or even in the world, a 3 goal
    handicap? i.e scoring 3 own goals at the beginning of the game; the day
    that happens, it would probably make BBC’s top stories in the news…

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  • You are missing the point here. Nobody makes money betting on
    soccer/football. He is betting on AMERICAN football, where every team can
    win against anyone.

  • There are people just as if not more successful in soccer. Matthew Benham
    and Tony Bloom for example , and many more syndicates. Because of Asia you
    can bet a lot higher stakes in soccer, and there’s many more leagues.

  • wheres the logic in this? its going to be more difficult to predict who
    wins since every team can win against any team. theres no logi…oh wait
    your american.

  • i’m 21years old i bets on football matchs(some people call it soccer) since
    2007 u dont need expirience or something i see big teams lost against small
    teams from 3 serie sorry about my english

  • The majority of successful gamblers are utterly anonymous and prefer to be
    invisible. Anyone advertining gambling knowledge on youtube is almost
    certainly just on an ego trip. A true gambler is a silent assassin. In and
    out and no more about it.

  • You are wrong. The soccer betting is as profitable as American Football IF
    you know which games to choose and if you do trading, placing the bets
    during the game according to the moments and also predicting what the
    market will do next so you make a profit on the fluctuation of the odd.
    Every sport can be a winner 🙂

  • He is right. PROFESSIONALS make more money when the volatility is bigger.
    So actually it is better for him when both teams can win, since the odds
    will fluctuate a lot during the games, bringing the investor more potential
    gains. He doesn’t make money betting on team A winning and that’s it, like
    most people would do. He makes it TRADING and placing a lot of bets during
    the game, in favor and against both teams, multiple times, making money on
    the differences the odds have during the game

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