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Achievable body Blueprint
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I welcome you to the review of Mike Whitfield’s The Achievable Body Blueprint. Like always, we will be looking into the details of the program, how it works, the advantages and disadvantages and the credibility of the author before we arrive at our own conclusion about this weight loss program.

We are only here to help you make an informed decision on whether or not you should check out this blueprint or not. So, no matter our conclusion, you are in a better place to decide what works for you.

 – About The Author

The brain behind the Achievable Body Blueprint is Mike Whitfield. Mike has spent most of his life overweight. There was a time when Mike weighed 300 pounds, but today, he has lost more than 125 pounds after few years.

His personal journey to fitness inspired him to become interested in fitness and nutrition. His own struggle and success with weight loss inspired to become someone that train other people and helping them to achieve their own weight loss goals as well.

Mike Whitfield has also published his work on fitness in Men’s Health, Early To Rise, Yahoo and Turbulence Training. He has also featured in PBS on an interview about fitness and health. In 2003, Mike was named Fitness Entrepreneur of the year. He was also recognized by the popular Men’s Health for his work. The basis of the Achievable Body Blueprint is a study at the Cornel l University and other studies that were published in a journal called “Metabolism”.

Mike Whitfield’s position is unique since he understands firsthand what it means to have struggled with excess body weight. He decided to go for a change and create a new life for himself. He was able to achieve that and now, he is helping others achieve the same. Some of the few basic precepts of Mike Whitfield’s method in the Achievable Body Blueprint are:

Strict dieting causes harm to the body and certainly reduce people’s willpower to lose weight or stick to a diet for a long time.

Our metabolism is being damaged by constant dieting, but the good news is that we can reactivate it.

Visceral fat that has built-up as a result of its accumulation had a serious association with diseases that are life-threatening such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer.


What is The Achievable Body Guide?

Mike Whitfield, the author of the Achievable Body Blueprint, the reason people gain excess body fat is that they don’t eat enough food and most of these calorie calculators are not reliable. When your body isn’t getting adequate calories, it leads to damage in your metabolism, which only makes everything worse. According to him, most people are under-consuming calories by 800-1000 calories.

The loophole that Mike shared in this guide, the Achievable Body Blueprint, is designed to help you reset your metabolism. You do this by eating more on the weekends and this gives your body the opportunity to have access toAchievable body Blueprint available energy that will allow it to burn off stubborn body fat.

Mike Whitfield also shared this technique with his Dad and his Dad was able to get rid of 67 pounds of fat within the short period of 5 months, which 34 of the lost pound were already gone in the first month.

Mike’s Achievable Body Blueprint is designed to repair metabolism damage. In case you are wondering what that is, it is a condition whereby the metabolism practically shut down because of high-stress levels. The stress occurs as a result of chronic exercise and dieting, which further put chronic stress on the body.

The body reacts to this by slowing down the metabolism and many other health issues arise because of this. Mike discovered that people over the age of 35 are the ones that are struggling with weight loss more. Another problem that adds to this issue is that people cut back on carbs. He admits that cutting back on carbs actually works for weight loss, but it could damage your metabolism in the long run.

He emphasized the fact that the body needs proteins, carbs, and fats, which is what is missing in all those crash diets because they tend to limit one of these to help people’s situation with weight. Mike believes you can eat pizza, ice cream, potatoes and any other ones of your favorite foods and still lose the stubborn weight.

Obviously, this goes against traditional thinking. However, does it work? You won’t likely be here reading this if it did.


The Achievable Body Blueprint – What Is Included?

There are 5 downloadable volumes in the Achievable Body Blueprint:

The Achievable Body: A simple, Doable Plan to Become Stronger, Resilient and Leaner

This is the main manual program that explains everything you need to know with step-by-step instruction. Mike himself has some sense of humor and it reflects in his guide.

You will learn all about the loophole and exactly how you can put it into use as soon as possible. Don’t forget that the blueprint is not a magic and you have to commit yourself.

The Achievable Body Blueprint – Hot Zone Formula

This is another bonus that comes with the Achievable Body Blueprint. It is so good that it is worth being a mini-product of its own. Mike designs the bonus guide to help you slim down your waistline and you will be able to get rid of your muffin top. The main manual of the Achievable Body Blueprint will help you get rid of excess weight but this bonus will help you shape up the result.

The guide reveals how you can turn on the “Hot Zones”. It is designed to help you burn calories all through the day. The guide also comes with a number of videos that will give you guidance on how you can do the moves. You can download them on your phone, computer, laptop or tablet.

The Achievable Body Blueprint – Motivation and Rapid Success Formula

The guide is another bonus module of the Achievable Body Blueprint that will help you round out the main manual of the program. This Motivation and Rapid Success Formula guide give you the ability to figure out your own specific goals. It makes it easier for you to tweak the whole program to suit your own weight loss goals.

This also gives you the opportunity to personalize this program. Another great thing about this module is that you will learn how to make any necessary adjustment and also overcome any obstacle you might encounter in the course of your fitness journey.

21 Unusual Secrets to Speed Up Your Metabolism

In this bonus module, you will have access to 21 secrets to boost your metabolism. The main module of the Achievable Body Blueprint helps you boost your metabolism but the bonus module will help you burn more fat. These secrets look pretty cool, all about simple hack anyone can do to get an edge.

You can make use of these hacks even if you are out of town. You can as well combine them with other diets or workout programmes to get results faster. However, Mike designed them to work the best with the Achievable Body Blueprint.

4-Day Flat Belly Detox Solution

A lot of people still believe that weight loss is all about calorie and food. Sometimes, the body bloats because of toxins. Toxins cause you to feel terrible and they affect any progress you are making with weight loss negatively. The Achievable Body Blueprint teaches you all about detoxes and how you can remove toxins from your body in just 4 days.

This bonus module is a 4-day program that produces results really fast. It is exceptionally great for any upcoming event you want to attend, such as a family wedding and school reunion. It will help you look your best.

The Achievable Body program – Pros And Cons

The Achievable Body weight loss program provides users with their opportunity to boost their energy levels and enjoy resilient wellness.

Users also enjoy the benefit of eating their favorite foods as they lose weight without starvation.

The program is user-friendly and easy to understand. There are some tricks in the guide that you won’t find elsewhere.

The Achievable Body Blueprint leverages the Cornell University Study so as to make the process involved in the program convenient for you.

Since there are good reports about the program, it surely works. But like other weight loss programs out there, results might vary. So, you won’t have to keep wasting money on fake weight loss products anymore.

The flip side is that; the guide doesn’t work magically. You need commitment, discipline, and patience and be willing to follow all the instructions highlighted in the program. It is also only available in digital format only.


The Achievable Body program could mark a turning point in your life. You have nothing to lose since the guide comes with 60-day money back guarantee. The weight loss program has received lots of positive reviews online as well. Those reviews can’t be all wrong.


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