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The Achievable Body Blueprint
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Today, we will be reviewing The Achievable Body Blueprint by Mike Whitfield. As always, we will be discussing the things you should know about the program. And also what the program is all about, the pros and cons of this program and our conclusion about it.

However, we need to cover the basics first…The Achievable Body Blueprint

What Is The Achievable Body Blueprint?

The Achievable Body Blueprint is a comprehensive weight loss guide. Such that reveals unconventional techniques for correction any issue with damaged metabolism in the body. The aim of this is to help you safely and effectively lose weight, achieve total wellbeing and increase your energy levels as fast as a month.

We can say that the main focus of this weight loss program is to help you retune your resting metabolic point. This means the number of calories that your body burns in a day as you rest.

According to Mike Whitfield, the major reason why people, especially older adults of 35 years and above are struggling with weight issues is that their bodies are experiencing metabolic damage, which is why, according to him, detoxes, diets, workout programs and weight loss pills are not helping people to lose weight.

In The Achievable Body Blueprint, Mike revealed a “4 transformation Pillars”. All of which is designed to help you lose weight by activating your “hot zones”, increasing your resting metabolism and controlling your body hormones without losing your energy and being able to eat anything you want 3 days in a week.

To be more specific, the following are what you should expect to learn from The Achievable Body Blueprint:

Mike’s 12 proven secrets for increasing metabolic rate in less than 5 minutes

Cheat sheets that can help you keep track of your progress while you are on the program

Everything there is to know about detoxification and some things that you could to do to eliminate toxins from your body in just 4 days. This includes the use of a potent herb.

You will learn through videos that would show you how to go about the instructions in this program. And you will also have access to the daily schedule for the first 8 weeks, which will help you lose significant amounts of pounds.

You will learn how to boost your energy levels by improving your digestion and removing toxins from your body in 20 minutes.

The Achievable Body Blueprint teaches the right approach to weight loss that is best for individuals. And the best ways to overcome obstacles that might be hindering your transformation.

Mike Whitfield reveals a detailed list of foods that you can for few days after which you can eat anyhow you 3 times per week.


About The Author – The Achievable Body Blueprint

Mike Whitfield is a qualified creator of fitness programs. He is a certified trainer and the creator of a Workout Finishers fitness program. Mike has won Fitness Entrepreneur of the year in 2013. And has also won Fitness Trainer of the year two times. When it comes to Men’s health, Mike has always being a regular contributor.

Another good thing that also adds to Mike Whitfield’s credibility is that he is aware of the struggle with weight loss. Like most people, Mike has also struggled with weight and his own website also has his before and after photos. Through the techniques he shared in his weight loss guide, he was able to get rid of the extra pounds of fat and totally transform himself.

Apart from the fact that mike is an expert in the fitness field. He also has a vast knowledge of what it takes to get a result when it comes to losing weight. this is a great advantage to this program in our opinion.


The Pros – The Achievable Body Blueprint

You Get to Eat Your Favourites

There is a popular saying among weight loss expert that you should move more and eat less to get rid of excess body weight. They also mentioned that you should avoid fattening foods which are always what almost everyone enjoys most.

But in The Achievable Body program, the author does not support the norm. He cited a study by the Cornell University that revealed that ‘healthy foods” prevents people from losing extra pounds. Although we didn’t find the study he referred to, there are other online references that serve as evidence to the validity of his claim. One of these online references is an article published by the Express. The article warned that veggies and fruits are hindering people from losing weight.

Instead of a highly restrictive diet, Mike lets people eat anything they want 3 times in a week. According to Mike, stringed diets deprive the body of essential nutrients and vitamins. Those can help you melt visceral, which leads to different weight-related issues in the body.

Reasonable and Achievable

One of the best parts of The Achievable Body program is the freedom that comes with it. The program offers you freedom from risky surgeries, dietary supplements with side effects, intense exercise and restrictive diets. To simply put it, the Achievable Body Blueprint gives you the opportunity to get rid of the excess body fat in an easy and safe way.

All you have to have to do spare about 20 minutes of your time every day for this program and you will see optimal results. However, you should know that how much weight you lose depends on different factors, especially your unique body make-up.

End of discussion for calorie counting

The Achievable Body Blueprint

Generally, people know that there is no fun in eating anymore if you have to count calories. The good thing is that you won’t have to worry about that if you are following the Achievable Body Blueprint. The guide comes with a list of specific foods that you are to ear and how much of them you need to eat. This allows you enjoy your meals without having to worry about counting calories.

Money Back Guarantee

Mike Whitfield has taken the risk for you by having a decent refund guarantee plan in place. According to him, if after using the Achievable Body Blueprint for 60 days and you are not satisfied with your result, you can ask for a refund of your money back.

However, there hasn’t been any complaint about the Achievable Body Blueprint, at least not that we have read about online.

The Achievable Body Blueprint – The Cons

Digital Products only

The Achievable Body Blueprint is not available offline. Since it is a digital product, people are not fans of online products might not benefit from this guide. For people that prefer hardcopy, you can print out the Achievable Body Blueprint and download it.

Right Attitude

You need the right attitude in the aspect of discipline and commitment. It is never easy to lose weight and improve your health. There are some obstacles that will show up in your way and you need perseverance. Also the right attitude to tackle any weight loss programme including the Achievable Body Blueprint.

Varied Results

Just like most other weight loss blueprints out there, the Achievable Body Blueprint could have a different effect on different people when it comes to results. Some people might see results faster while other won’t. This is to be expected.

The Achievable Body Blueprint – Final Verdict

We believe it wouldn’t be a bad idea if anyone decides to check out the Achievable Body Blueprint. Mike Whitfield has the credential, coaching experience and personal experiences with weight loss struggle. He has vast knowledge on weight loss to create a safe and effective weight loss program such as the Achievable Body Blueprint. All these are enough reasons why anyone would want to take this weight loss guide on test-driving.

Anyone would find this blueprint useful. It is not for people that are looking to lose weight alone. The instructions and knowledge that Mike shared in this guide can help you learn how to maintain good health, increase your energy levels, relieve stress and improve your mood.

Another advantage of this guide is that it does not involve going on restrictive diets or harsh workout routine. The Achievable Body Blueprint is much easier to stick to, unlike most weight loss programs out there. Since it does not involve you starving yourself. But you can eat your favorite foods, it will be easier for you to achieve a long-term result with the guide.

So far, we don’t believe there is any perfect weight loss program in the market today and so the Achievable Body Blueprint isn’t a magical pill as well. In fact, you can’t abandon the knowledge from this guide because you have achieved your weight loss goal. You have to apply the knowledge consistently.

Also, it is highly recommended that you keep your expectations realistic and understand that your result might not be fast like the others. What is more important is that you shed weight continuously. So, if you have decided to check out this guide, don’t forget to add patience to it.

For any that hates strict diets, harsh exercises, calorie counting or just want to get rid of excess body fat and improve their health, then the Achievable Body Blueprint is s a good choice. You can also get to improve your mood, thought process and energy levels all at once.


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