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5 Health Challenges That Needs Natural Healing And Not Drugs

5 Health Challenges That Needs Natural Healing And Not Drugs
I found a pure natural healing EBook and it was just like the ancient healing methods used by our grandparents. I felt it might just be best for you.
Written by Bankole
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5 Health Challenges That Needs Natural Healing And Not Drugs

Oftentimes people believe using of pills is the only way to take care of ailments. Do you know using some drugs for some types of sickness would only worsen things? However, I have decided to tell you some of those ailments that need natural healing and not drugs for safety;

COLD AND FLU:natural healing

This is the infection of the upper respiratory tract caused by a lot of airborne drops or direct contact with infected secretion. When symptoms of cold is noticed stay warm by covering up all parts of your body, taking hot water bath, a cup of hot tea, at times in the case of runny nose threat with salt and warm water by rinsing to enable nasal decongestion, place onions under your feet it helps to keep you warm and make sure to have a lot of rest.

INDIGESTION:natural healing

This has to do with upper abdominal pain as well as feeling the difficulty to swallow or heaviness after eating. Change your diet for observations, stop overeating, limit intake of fries and chocolate or carbonated drinks. Drinking plenty of water is also advisable and in some cases intake of peppermint oil is useful.

HEADACHE:natural healing

This is sometimes caused by stress, hangover, tension and could be caused by intake of extreme cold substances at times accompanied by nausea and vomiting and Oil from peppermint is applied to the skin to help relieve head pain. It causes surface warmth and relieves pain beneath the skin. Take a lot of water, take a lot of rest.

CONSTIPATION:natural healing

This happens to be a process whereby movements in your bowels are tough and less than normal. This could be caused by the change of diet, eating disorder, dehydration, pregnancy and possibly medications (strong drugs) so to help you need to drink a lot of water, exercise more regularly, take caffeinated coffee and also avoid dairy products. Garlic is also a good natural healing for curing constipation either chew or swallow after peeling the back of it.

DRY COUGH:natural healing

This is usually caused by infections or allergies. The nature of the symptoms also depends. Honey plays a very important role in curing cough. It sticks to the irritated mucous membrane and coats all the areas to provide relief. It has an antibacterial property that shortens the duration of a cough that you have that is if it was caused by bacteria, you could also mix honey with warm milk and drink it for chest pain relief that was incurred by a cough.

Homemade honey cough syrup, this is the combination of honey mixed with lemon juice and coconut oil. Tyme tea could also be very helpful in cough relief, simply add few spoons of thyme powder in a cup of hot, steaming boiled water for 10 minutes, add honey and lemon and as well add soothing powder. Chew bitter kola and tom-tom sweet together it also helps. Soothe a sore throat caused by a cough by Mixing of salt with water 5 to 6 times daily, add salt to a Luke warm, gaggle water rinse properly in your mouth and bring it out. The saltwater remedy can loosen mucus and lessen pains caused by a cough. Swelling goes down with water leaving the cells and discomfort are reduced.

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