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Are you like most people, you have tried many weight loss programs and end up with the feeling of disappointment? then you might want to try a quick-fix method that has been proven to have no side effects.

It is hard to continue with a harsh diet that also does not give fast result; you can easily get discouraged with this. Getting positive results as fast as possible from weight loss program is a motivation on its own. Instead of continuing with different weight loss pills, programs and gadgets that seems not to work, you might want to ditch all those for a better program that will help you achieve your weight loss goal.

This is the promise of Brian Flatt in his 3 Weeks Diet program. However, you are in the best place to decide if this program will work for you. The purpose of this review is to help you make an informed decision whether you should check out this program or not.

What is the 3 Weeks Diet?

The 3 Weeks Diet is a weight loss PDF program of 96 pages designed and created by Brian Flatt. Hence, to help users lose a significant amount of fat in the body. The guide consists of numerous scientific based secrets and fool-proof that are designed to help users lose 10, 15 or 20 pounds of fat in just 21 days. This program appears to be the perfect solution to all those time-consuming and mainstream diets and reports from users have indicated its effectiveness.3 weeks diet weight loss

The Author – 3 Weeks Diets

Brian Flatt is the brain behind the 3 Weeks Diet plan. He is a nutritionist and health coach. This quick weight loss technique revealed in this guide was discovered after more than 12 years of research. So many people have benefited from Brian Flatt’s experience in the fitness industry.


Details Of The 3 Weeks Diet Program

The main focus of the 3 Weeks Diet Plan is signaling to the body to burn stored body fat. It also seeks to create starvation mode in the body. As the body goes into starvation mode, it starts to burn the stored fat and uses it to fuel the liver, heart and other vital organs in the body. This program is different from most weight loss techniques that only work for some people. The technique in the 3 weeks diet has been proven scientifically and reported to work for both man and woman. It consists of a completely natural, safe and scientifically backed up technique. Brian Flatt divided the 3 Weeks program into 4 different phrases. The four sections are:

Four Phases

For anyone that wants to get the most out of this guide, you need to consistently follow these 4 step highlighted in the guide by Brian Flatt. The detailed information on that is as follows:

Phase #1 – Liver Detoxification

This phrase is designed for anybody looking to lose stubborn body fat as quickly as possible. The phrase is created to help you lose a lot of pounds. After this phrase, some users of the 3 Weeks Diet weight loss program reported that they were able to get rid of about 10-15 after they finished this phrase. This is because this phrase focuses more on cleansing the body, especially the liver, which is the fat pumping organ.

Also, Brian Flatt also recommends vitamins A, C, and D, which is meant to help you detoxify your liver and increase your body’s sensitivity to insulin hormone. This also helps you increase the function of your body adrenal. This is when it comes to burning excess fat from the body.

This first phase also includes the list of about 17 vegetables and 6 sources of protein that are allowed. This phrase3 weeks diet weight loss has to be diligently followed for 7 days before you can move to the next phase.

Phase #2 – 24 Hours Fasting

After you are done with the first phrase, you can then go into the second phrase that involves fasting for 24 hours. This fasting starts from the last meal on the 7th day until the 8th day of this program.

Fasting has a way o cleaning your liver and body. It also creates a proper environment that allows your body to start burning more fat in a more efficient way.

At the 8th day, during dinner, you can eat whatever you want without any limitation. However, you just have to remember to control your carbohydrate consumption.

Phase #3 – Fat Fast

This third phrase, Fat Fast isn’t some kind of slang. It is instead a weight loss technique that has been proven clinically and scientifically. The 3 Weeks Diet weight loss program explained in details the compete for science that is behind the “Fat Fast” technique.

This third phrase comes at the 9th, 10th and 11th day. The technique is still meant to continue to help you to help improve your liver efficiency. Also, the body will as well be melting excess fat stored in the body, especially around the hip and belly region.

After the first two phrases, your burning starts burning up excess fat and on the other hand, it is also craving for fat. One thing you have to remember is that fats in your body do not make you look fat. As soon as you are able to provide about 80% calories from healthy fats, your body starts giving signals to your liver to burn fat for energy.

Since this is happening, your liver won’t be burning muscles, but fat when it comes fuelling other organs of the body.

Phase #4 – Your Unique BMR

The last phrase of the 3 Weeks Diet weight loss program continues from the 12th days to the 21st day. This phrase lasts for just 9 days. Thus it involves you eating calories that are based on individual’s unique BMR and weight loss expectations.

In this phrase, the author of this guide revealed two important steps. The first step helps you to learn how you can create calorie deficient based on your BMR. This will further help you achieve your desired weight loss goals faster than expected. No matter what you are set out to do or the fitness level you are hoping to achieve, whether it is to get six packs or just a finely-toned body shape.


Excellent for people with busy schedule

The 3 Weeks Diet weight loss program is designed for people that live their life with a busy schedule. Also hard for them to invest separate time to improve their health. The workouts included in this guide only takes about 20-30m minutes in a day and users just have to do them for 3 days of the week. It is easier for everyone I think and it is something you can achieve just by cutting TV time from your schedule.

Scientifically Backed-up

In this program, Brain Flatt provides only techniques that have proven by science. Most of the techniques highlighted in the program are revealed after explanation and then later proven with scientific research.

Fast Results

The 3 Weeks Diet weight loss program provides users with the fast result. Most weight loss plans mostly fail because they have a slow approach to weight loss. On the other hand, since diet is generally believed to be something designed to be followed for a short period of time, people get discouraged because of the slow result in their expectations.

Although, the fitness industry don’t encourage fast weight loss since it is believed that slower weight loss is healthier. However, research has proven otherwise and explained that most people don’t have enough motivation it takes to stick to a diet for a long time. But getting a quick result is a great motivation when it comes to weight loss.

Money Back Guarantee

One of the biggest strong points of this program, despite its promise to help you lose weight in just 21 days, is the fact that it comes with 60 days money back guarantee. This means you have a right back to your investment on the program if you are not satisfied with this program for whatever reason.

Positive Reviews

Brian Flatt’s 3 Weeks Diet weight loss program has received a lot of positive reviews online with pictures of successful users to prove that the program actually works. Users are happily showing they’re before and after pictures online and saying how much they appreciate.


Digital format only

The 3 Weeks Diet by Brain Flat is only available in PDF format alone. People that are not fans of digital products might not be able to benefit from this guide. However, if you don’t mind printing it to get a hard copy, then you can go for the guide.


Overall, I would like to recommend the 3 Weeks Diet program by Brian Flatt for you. This is especially when you have a busy schedule and barely have time to visit a fitness center. Remember that you have 2 months back guarantee to test-drive this program.

So far, I hope this review has helped you with the insight into the techniques adopted by Brian in this program. And I also hope you can now make an informed decision n whether you should check out this guide or not.


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