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the 2 weeks diet program
Written by Bankole
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Welcome to the review of Brian Flatt’s 2 Weeks Diet Program. So, does it work? How is Brian Flatt’s credibility?

The 2 Weeks Diet is a much-hyped fitness program that appears to be legit and working. First, let’s find out everything there is to know about the guide.

Apparently, it can be frustrating to discover a diet plan that works. There are thousands of weight loss programs available in the dieting industry but the ones that actually work there are of a disappointingly low number.

However, Brian Flatt’s guide appears to be different. It does not involve users adopting an unhealthy eating regimen, spending hours at the fitness center to taking expensive supplements. The 2 Weeks Diet by Brian Flatt is a proven weight loss method that can help anyone melt 1-2 pounds of excess body fat per day.

By now, the 2 Weeks Diet plan has taken social media by storm. It has helped thousands of people to get rid of excess body fat that has proven impossible to lose. The internet is full of people testimonies and before and after pictures.

This is all thanks to the scientific approach in the guide, combined with practical and easy to follow holistic therapy. Even with all this hype about the 2 Weeks Diet program, it is still a wise thing to do if you have decided to read this review about it.

You should know what he guides entails, who the author is, the pros and cons of the guide and what makes it different to other weight loss programs or the ones you have used in the past.

This and more are what we are going to be discussing in this review today. You are still in the best position to decide if this program is worth checking out or not, but we are just here to help you make an informed decision on that.


What is The Two Week Diet?

Brian Flatt is the brain behind the 2 Weeks Diet program. He is a personal trainer, nutritionist and has authored different weight loss guides. This diet promises to help you get rid of about 19 pounds of body fat in just 2 weeks.

Additionally, Brian also promises to help users decrease cellulite, improve their energy levels and tone up your muscles. This is an impressive level of claims for any weight loss plan.

However, you shouldn’t forget to keep your expectations realistic. Expecting to go from size 50 to size 42 in your first 2 weeks diet programinto this diet is more like asking for the impossible.

The level of fat in individual’s body and how much he or she will burn all depends on the body type. People with more fat in their bodies might loss more than people with little body fat.

This 2 Weeks Diet is a totally comprehensive weight loss system that provides users with all necessary resources required to lose weight safely and fast. There are no additional charges for the purchase of the program and no expensive supplement, monthly fees or pricey additional literature. Everything you need has been included in one single purchase.

Another good thing about Brian Flatt’s program is that the guidance and literature provided comprehensive, yet easy to follow and also comes with a money-back guarantee for 60 days.

So far, this weight loss program has proven to be an intelligently presented and fully comprehensive technique for losing weight fast. How much body fat you lose depends on your body type, your fitness levels and commitment to the program and additional exercise.

However, the most casual adherent still lose masses of unhealthy body fat with the 2 Weeks Diet. Thousands of people have lost body fat with this guide and the results are indeed very noticeable based on the before and after pictures of successful users.


Why 2 Weeks?

Why is Brian Flatt’s program just 2 weeks? People tend to stick to a diet much longer, especially when they aren’t seeing results. Most diets take the fun out of eating and people tend to give up after being on a diet for 5 months and seeing little or no result. The fast result is enough motivation to want to make healthy eating choices since people will want to maintain their new weight.

The 2 Weeks Diet plan is designed to help users burn fat fast; as much as 16 pounds, in just 14 days! Most diet plans take 4 or 5 months to help people achieve this.

The program is best suited for people that want to lose some pounds to attend an upcoming event such as school reunion or family wedding but too busy to spare time for the gym.

A Science-Based Plan

In the 2 Weeks Diet program, Brian Flatt goes into detail of much scientific evidence to explain the reason behind this diet and why this it works.

He talks about your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). You will learn about a number of calories your body burns every single day to keep you alive. Every breath you take, swallowing, digesting food and making hormones takes calories. Even when all you do is sit down all through the day, it still takes come calories.

The program teaches users the proper way to calculate their BMR. This will help you realize on time to know if you are already eating too many calories.

The common weight loss advice is “workout more and eats less” but the 2 weeks Diet is saying otherwise. For most people, the plan doesn’t work. Why? They hardly consider their BMR.

2 weeks diet program

How Does it Work?

The 2 Weeks Diet plan is broken down into a 4 part. It is a combination of fat fasting and planned to fast to help break down stored fat. Although the body can live without carbs, it works well on a high fat, high protein, and low carb diet.

The plan gives a detailed explanation on how to consume protein shakes properly or supplements so that they stimulate your body into breaking down fat and helping you to maintain a positive mental outlook.

There are 4 handbooks in the 2 Weeks Diet plan that explain everything in detail. You will learn why you will be doing the instructions highlighted in the guide and exactly how they will help you burn that excess body fat.

  1. The Launch Handbook goes over the science behind weight gain and weight loss and why this plan works. It also reveals the truth about common weight loss myths.
  2. The real Diet Handbook that explains in details what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat. It also consists of a list of the simple meal plans, best fat burning foods and what to eat and avoid.
  3. The Activity Handbook is a detailed exercise plan designed for those with limited time. It is a practical guide that teaches quick and easy workout routines. Which you can do from the comfort of your home without visiting the gym. It is done for 20 minutes per day, 3-4 times in a week.
  4. Motivational Handbook that equips you with the proper mindset, which is just as important as what you eat. It entails science-based methods for control and focusing on your goals. However, this is for to help keep you motivated so that you can keep the weight off permanently, especially after you have achieved your purpose.

The 2 Weeks Diet Program – The Pros

  1. This program consists of a universally proven system that anyone can use to lose weight easily and rapidly.
  2. You get to lose weight across the entire body and enjoy a great overall physique without any imbalanced appearance.
  3. Secondary benefits. You won’t be losing weight alone but the guide delivers better skin, better metabolic processes, greatly increased energy levels and improved psychological well being.
  4. The 2 Week Diet pdf is designed to help you stay fit and lean way in the long term. Not just temporarily.
  5. Since the 2 Weeks Diet program is quite popular, there are plenty of online forums providing community support for users of this diet plan in the aspect of diet, exercise, practical and motivational pointers. This proves that the 2 Week Diet plan actually works.

The 2 Weeks Diet Guide – The Cons

  1. The 2 Weeks Diet program is only available in digital format only. You can’t get it offline. This might turn off people that are not fans of PDF files.
  2. You can’t expect exact same result since it might vary. There are different factors that contribute to people gaining weight and losing it in different individuals. So, you might lose weight or might not in the first week of the program.
  3. You need a certain level of commitment to benefit from this program. If you find it hard to follow instructions, then you shouldn’t bother checking out this guide.


For a program that promises to help you lose weight really fast within the period of 14 days and offers a 100% money back guarantee of 6o days, it can only make sense if you decide to check it out.

Brian Flatt has taken the risk for you and now, you have 8 good weeks to test-drive the program. If after you have read through it and realize it won’t work for you, you can ask for a refund of your investment in the program.

However, weight loss is guaranteed. If you stick to the guidelines and follow the step-by-step instructions highlighted in the guide religiously. You can read as many reviews as you want on this program, to be sure of what you are getting yourself into. But I believe none has a bad thing to say about Brian Flatt’s weight loss program.


2 weeks diet program

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